Production Show

By 15th May 2016 Exhibitions

Eastside Projects 2016-18

What is the role of a gallery in the forging of a new city? Eastside Projects wants to be a productive force and work with others to invent new modes of production. We want to be used. We need to work with you.

From widgets to houses, from the gallery to the World, ‘Production Show’ is a public acting out of our impulse to develop and support the making of culture in challenging times, and an attempt to reclaim Birmingham as a city of production.

The gallery is a machine for the production of art only in collaboration with others. Taking ‘the artist and the engineer’* as a modus operandi, ‘Production Show’ is an evolving process – a programme of relationships, commissions, exhibitions and events spanning two years which explodes Eastside Projects as an active space of research, development, prototyping, manufacturing and display – bringing to the fore processes which are usually kept behind the scenes.

Art can exist as part of market production, public production and household production – all three of which contribute to the well-being of individuals and society and create goods with multiple values. Art extracts raw materials, transforms them into social outputs that question and provide services and experiences. ‘Production Show’ will encompass multiple systems, materials and routes of production from industrial to digital, craft to DIY, hammer to i-phone.

Users of ‘Production Show’ are imagined as early adopters of our future Production City – a key part of a cultural landscape in which new user groups and producer communities will be created. It is by working with our hands on a micro scale that the large scale changes occur.**

* ‘The Artist and The Engineer’ is a 2013 publication by Eastside Projects, based on Birmingham’s coat of arms, which tells a new story of the two figures called ‘the supporters of Birmingham’. The Artist and The engineer work together to create a new motto for their city – Layered.

** from a text by Linda Brothwell.

© Linda Brothwell 2018