In The Tools of South Korea and Hull, Linda Brothwell is pioneering a new understanding of the significance of craft skills and tools by illustrating their intrinsic value to social, cultural and economic development. Her work is inspired by the craft and industrial heritages of both Hull and South Korea, two seemingly disparate places, united by the commonality of their craft stories, skills and tools. With support from the British Council and Hull – the UK’s City of Culture 2017 – and curated by Thirteen Ways.

Linda Brothwell has established an international exchange, through tools.  Through conversations with makers and master artisans – from Hull, Jeju Island, Cheongju and Seoul – Linda Brothwell pays tribute to their most important tools, immortalising them in exquisite cast and hand-formed models celebrating form, beauty and function.



With Thanks

British Council UK
British Council Korea
Cheongju Craft Biennial

Exhibition Locations

UK Pavilion Cheongju Biennial
Hull Central Library