Invited by London College of Fashion to produce new works inspired by their shoe archive,   Linda responded as an artist and tool-maker who reads objects through their construction methods.  The crafting of this Geta is true to traditional Japanese techniques, yet it was made rapidly. The master craftsman who made the Geta by hand was left-handed, given the direction of the knots in the twine.
By re-imagining the craftsman’s tools, Linda has explored a new area of her practice by undertaking a ‘silent apprenticeship’ in the shadow of the Geta maker who she will never meet.  Her aim is to shadow his movements precisely, following the scar lines left by his damaged tools, ultimately learning to create a perfect copy of his geta.  Exhibited in Footnotes; an exhibition showing the remarkable history of the selected shoes revealing new interpretations of historic objects under the guise of five categories – Scale, Balance, Fragility, Singled Out and Common/Uncommon.



With Thanks

London College of Fashion

Exhibition Locations

Sutton House, London