Cove Park Residency

By 8th September 2013 July 14th, 2015 Research

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I was lucky enough to have been asked back to Cove Park this summer as part of their Creative Catalyst Programme.  I spent a really productive week researching and testing natural dyeing techniques using lichens and seaweeds from the local area.

cove parkcove park (1)

Apart from being a fantastic reason to explore the area more, I also spent time collecting detritus relating to fishing and netmaking industries.  The research I undertook is still coming together in my studio in the form of a new project which I’m really excited about; lots still to learn but it’s a fascinating subject.cove park (2)cove park (3)

Cove Park is a really special place, this was my second time there and each time I’ve really loved it.  It’s a really unusual place to work and helps completely refresh your ways of thinking in the studio.  It also helps that you are in such incredible scenery with other creative people like actors, artists, writers, craftspeople, designers etc, oh and these guys….

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