By October 12, 2018 Exhibitions

Coaching creates a supportive space for you to find the centre of your practice, navigate hurdles, and remove barriers. I was drawn to coaching as it focuses on solutions in a collaborative and positive setting, I believe that coaching is a unique and important part of a creative persons support network.  I use coaching skills within my teaching practice and also offer coaching session with creatives in person or via Skype.  As a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art and other various institutions, I have 10years experience of supporting people in the arts by giving space to be expansive in dreaming and planning both business and personal growth. I became an accredited (RD1st) Coach in summer 2018.  As artists we can be extremely inventive and sometimes radical when it comes to the creative side of work, but the business side can seem a bit harder to be playful with when it’s not the comfortable area to work in.

In 1-to-1 coaching sessions we work together to create a productive, focused space for you to explore and pursue your own thinking and find solutions. Whether you’re in a transitional phase in your practice or just facing some challenges, I believe coaching can have a really strong impact to support.  I know only too well that the scope of being an artist can often feel so broad its easy to feel overwhelmed with daily tasks that range from the creative to the more administrative.  As an artistic practice expands or pivots, new challenges come up like contract negotiations, presentations or interviews, project management and more, all difficult areas to navigate alone. 

If you would like more information about my coaching offer please get in touch.

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