Cathy Robert: Bookbinder

By 10th July 2013 March 25th, 2014 Research

Cathy Robert is a bookbinder at Delta design in Clerkenwell, London.  Working with a small team Cathy works to commission creating art books, portfolios etc.   The tools in the studio have been accumulated over years of studying and working both in the UK and France.  As a result there’s a rich range of materials, patinas and tool styles all held together in drawers, pots and boxes.

I felt completely in love with the studio amongst all the pots, bundles and draws full of tiny tools, I think bookbinders and jewellers might be cut from the same cloth!  Many of the tools are incredibly similar, yet perform a slightly different task, which features heavily in my work.  What a lovely day & thanks to Cathy and her team.

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