Cove Park Residency

I was lucky enough to have been asked back to Cove Park this summer as part of their Creative Catalyst Programme.  I spent a really productive week researching and testing…
8th September 2013

Portland Works

I've been working at Portland Works over the last few months to make and install my work for Jerwood Makers Open.  It is such an incredible place which i've written…
2nd August 2013

Cathy Robert: Bookbinder

Cathy Robert is a bookbinder at Delta design in Clerkenwell, London.  Working with a small team Cathy works to commission creating art books, portfolios etc.   The tools in the…
10th July 2013

Victor Mather – Hand Cutter

Victor Mather was one of the very last remaining hand cutters in the world.  He retired from his Portland Works workshop some years ago and left all of his tools…
7th July 2013

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