Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit the home of a friend of mine who has been a real supporter of my work for many years.   Delivering a piece to its new home is always something I look forward to; not only it is a real treat to work with my clients so closely but I also occasionally am lucky enough to marvel at their beautifully curated collection of artworks.  For me, this home is one of the most beautiful places; full of interesting pieces from all over the world and with an owner who curates her collection so delicately with lots of unexpected pairings.

Whilst I was visiting I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of a piece she commissioned from me a few years ago, sitting in-between Barceló and Auerbach no less, what lovely company I have!  It is always such a privilege to visit old pieces, especially when they’re loved and really fit into the everyday life of a home.  As well as my site specific works of repair I really love to create works for peoples homes; an intimate connection between a piece and the viewer whether in a domestic or public setting.

The piece was an extension of a series of works I made for the Victoria & Albert Museum; where I remade the damaged, paint splattered and marked number plaques within the galleries with precious materials.  This was part of my ‘Repair Trail’ commissioned in 2010.

Commissioned jointly between the RSA and the V&A, these works highlight the hidden activity and utility of the building; a little testament to the people behind the scenes – making these traces of imperfection permanent and precious.

© Linda Brothwell 2018