In Acts of Care altered traditional techniques are employed to perform acts of individualised care within the public landscape.  The works take the form of repair interventions; acting upon or within areas of damage to create new works. In order to perform the acts of care the tools specific to the tasks required are also made. Each tool having its own palette, material language and scale in accordance to the geographical location of the intervention and techniques employed.

The sites of the Sheffield Edition interventions are within the walls of Portland Works on Randall St; the location where Stainless Steel cutlery was first made 100 years ago.  This site was chosen as it holds a strong historical significance within the metal trades and it continues to thrive today as a community owned series of workshops which house a variety of highly skilled craftspeople, artists and small scale manufacturers.

Each tool created within the Acts of Care series are highly specific in their function; they have been designed and made to perform a single action; marrying a particular material with a technique. Their highly specified use betrays an obsessive manifesto for modern acts of care.  I am using these tools to create order and work minute details into spaces where breakage or loss has occurred; to ameliorate the site.

Are we the last generation to be able read these objects, to de-code the meanings of the various joints, design and materials to glean information as to their proposed use?  As access to skills teaching becomes evermore rare, practitioners retire without anyone to succeed them, and small businesses are swallowed up are these tools to become relics of a fetishised past for future generations?

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